Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis Course

The Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis Course is a two-part course that focuses first in training critical analysis skills and best practices in risk identification and assessment. The second part of the course covers a multi-criteria decision analysis process to compare risk mitigation options so you can design cost effective, robust risk mitigation strategies.


Live, 8 hours of instruction

Course Description:

A3’s Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis Course first covers a comprehensive risk analysis process that guards against common errors in analysis and biased assessments.  Best practices in risk identification and assessment are taught, with examples from the intelligence community, hedge funds, and businesses.  offers advanced risk analysis.  We go well beyond standard risk identification to include “Black Swan” threats whose likelihood of occurrence cannot be calculated, but are very often foreseeable.  The second half of the course teaches a powerful but easy to use multi-criteria decision analysis “scorecard” that lets you compare risk mitigation options across a variety of relevant considerations, including the array of threats your organization faces, vulnerabilities, costs and implementation feasibility of different options, and other relevant factors.  This process allows you to both select the most cost effective mix of mitigation measures and convince management that you have done a thorough assessment.

Attendance is required, and limited to 30 students.  The course is offered monthly at our state-of-the-art teaching facility in Colorado Springs, or can be taught on site at your location.

Learning Objectives: 

Students completing this course will be able to:

  1. Guard against common sources of bias and apply best practices in analysis in assessing both traditional and Black Swan risks and designing risk mitigation portfolios
  2. Understand best risk identification and management practices
  3. Know how to collect information on key risks, and identify potential Black Swan threats
  4. Use the Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis risk assessment and mitigation portfolio analysis tool provided to students
  5. Select and present convincing risk mitigation strategies investment portfolios to management

Free risk assessment, portfolio analysis software provided:

software_chartStudents will receive the software (which runs in MS Excel) to run this easy to build and use multi-criteria decision analysis tool (click to enlarge).  It will be taught and used in class exercises to analyze financial risks and uncertainties, and compare performance of different investment options against an array of threats.  Course graduates can use this software in their practice and for briefing clients on the relative financial risks of different portfolio options.

Our course graduates also receive a free one-year membership in A3’s “Financial Threat Indications and Warning Center“, which provides information on pending financial threats and possible measures to protect investments from losses, and how to gain on financial disruptions.