Due Diligence

Dr. Drew Miller is a Due Diligence Professional, DDP, certified by the International Due Diligence Organization.

Many buyers and investors mistakenly view Due Diligence as just examining financial statements and legal liabilities. “Operational” and “Strategic” Due Diligence are also vital for all investments.  You need to visit the target company’s facilities to identify potential risks and weaknesses.  Investigating competitors, we often find that a target is selling because of a pending threat that will damage or ultimately destroy their business. Interviewing staff, we discover problems buyers had not considered, and identify cultural issues that if not addressed immediately upon close can lead to loss of key personnel.

Dr. Drew Miller is a nationally recognized expert on “operational” and “strategic” due diligence (DD).  His presentation slides from the 2017 Alliance of Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors national conference are available for download when you fill out the form below.